Here you can download the academic papers written regarding this research project.



  • > December 16, 2017: Logistics is an important part of the value chain in emerging markets according to our newly published case on China offshore wind. We compare and contrast the national policy level and also outline a gap analysis at the industry level. Available for free download here: Here
  • > April 2, 2017: New research just out on O&M Logistics. This latest journal article just out and it deals with our 20-month case study on offshore wind logistics for the O&M life-cycle phase. In addition, we have performed a desktop analysis of 11 government-sponsored cost studies dealing with LCoE. The key finding is that OpEx varies by a factor 9.5x and that the O&M set-up may make or break offshore wind farm profitability!. Here
  • > February 6, 2017: Joint research published with Rasmus Lema. A key focus is supply chain readiness for renewable energy. Our focus is offshore wind with shipping and logistics as our case study. We contrast Europe and Asia, the largest offshore wind markets globally. Here



  • > June 2016: Academic research article revealing that logistics conservatively makes up at least 18% of levelized cost of energy for offshore wind. The article furthermore provides a definition of offshore wind logistics and it discusses strategy at the world’s leading offshore wind farm developer and operator, DONG Energy Wind Power. Download your free, open access version of the article Here
  • > April 2016: Conceptual research article discussing how academic disciplines within supply chain management may help bring forward reductions in levelized cost of energy for offshore wind, read it Here



  • > Check out the latest peer-reviewed paper in the form of a peer-reviewed book chapter from May 2015 Here



  • > Changing business models and strategies in global wind energy shipping, logistics, and SCM
  • Presented at the 5th Annual Conference of The European Decision Sciences Institute in July 2014, this paper reviews different wind energy markets globally, based on extensive case study work performed since 2009. Subsequently, a number of supply chain set-ups serviced by the shipping, logistics, and supply chain management industry are reviewed and finally, winning business models and strategies of current and emerging supply chain constituencies competing in the wind energy marketplace are discussed. Here.



  • > Global Wind Turbine Shipping & Logistics - A Research Area of the Future?
    Presented at the 2013 International Conference on Logistics and Maritime Systems in Singapore, this paper investigates shipping and logistics challenges of the rapidly growing wind turbine industry using an end-to-end supply chain perspective. It presents results of an exploratory study including 200+ interviews, site and conference visits conducted over 2+ years, to uncover current/future shipping and logistics challenges of this particular industry. Here.
  • > Offshore Windfarm Shipping & Logistics, The Danish Anholt Offshore Windfarm as a case study.
  • Presented at the EAWE 9th annual Ph.D. seminar in Wind Energy in Europe, this paper uses an extensive exploratory study to describe high-level shipping/logistics/SCM challenges faced in wind farm development by industry players. The Anholt offshore wind farm case study experiment is also presented to validate the exploratory study. Here